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Governmental Buildings

Clean-Up! understands the importance of safety and security. We take all necessary precautions to keep your building secure while we deliver a clean and presentable space.

For over 20 years Clean-Up! has been a trusted janitorial service provider for governmental buildings in the Region of Waterloo. Consistency and follow through are the foundation to ensure that building managers and the Clean-Up! team effectively work together. We know the challenges of property and building management and have designed standard operating procedures that empower building managers and provide a clean working environment.

High volume foot traffic buildings and large public areas mean that the janitorial cleaning requirements are significant and if not managed create an unusable environment. Governmental buildings have enough challenges to deal with on a daily basis. Clean-Up! works to not only lessen the burden but establish solutions to minimize the management burden.

By implementing years of experience and training skilled employees Clean-Up! can provide meaningful solutions to governmental buildings in the Region of Waterloo.

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