What is the best way to deep clean a carpet


If you run your business in an office and decide to deep clean your working space, you should choose a professional janitorial cleaning company. Along with dusting and mopping floors, windows cleaning and disinfecting office areas, the professional cleaning services also include a deep carpet cleaning.

Carpets can easily become the home of dust mites, dirt and germs, that can put some people at risk, by causing them skin allergies and breathing problems.

That is why vacuuming your carpet isn’t enough. In order for you to deep clean your carpet, you need to reach into the carpet pile and remove the germs and embedded dirt.  

So if you’re wondering how to clean your office carpet like a pro, here are a few steps that will help you understand the professional cleaning process of a carpet:

Dirt control

By placing a carpet at the entrance of your building, you will prevent an important amount of dirt from entering in your office.


A regular vacuuming done with a professional vacuum cleaner will remove dirt and debris from your office carpets and prevent the appearance of germs, mold and allergens.

Stain removal

By using professional carpet cleaning products and the right cleaning technique, you can easily remove the stains from your carpet. Choose a carpet cleaning company that uses green cleaning products and environmentally friendly carpet cleaning solutions, in order for you to minimize the chemical impact on your work environment and the environmental ecology.

Regular carpet cleaning

Cleaning your carpets regularly will help you maintain their neat aspect and also your health. Moreover, a professional cleaning will extend your carpet’s life, by using the right cleaning products and technique. The carpet cleaning frequency also plays a very important role in your carpet’s life. For instance, a proper carpet maintenance is to vacuum twice a week and professionally clean your carpets at least once a year. But if your office is a heavy-traffic area, you can even have to vacuum your carpet between three or five time a week and deep clean it every three to six months.

Deep carpet cleaning

For your carpets to be totally clean, you need to remove embedded dirt, residues and debris from their piles. So while a carpet cleaning routine will help your carpet look good on the outside, a deep carpet cleaning will extend your carpet’s life and take care of your health.    

Now your carpet will smell good and look again like it’s brand new. And speaking about new, you should know that a clean carpet not only speaks about your care for your employees’ health and the way you lead your business, but it is also a sign of respect in front of your clients and new possible clients. Moreover, a tidy carpet makes your employees feel better, thus boosting their morale and productivity and making your business more successful.

The expert cleaners from a professional carpet cleaning company have the technology and the know-how to deep clean your carpet, in order for you to focus on your business without having to worry about anything.