What is included in office deep cleaning services?


Before answering to what is included in office deep cleaning services, we should first determine what is deep cleaning. The difference between cleaning and deep cleaning an office lies in the details and the thoroughness of the work.

While the regular cleaning is made regularly, on a surface level, the deep cleaning implies cleaning places that are harder to reach or just usually ignored, like exhaust fans, air filters or different corners of the room.

Office cleaning services

If you decided to take care of your business and work in a clean office environment, you probably thought already to hire a janitorial cleaning company, in order to benefit from its cleaning services.

The regular janitorial cleaning services for an office imply things such as:

  • dust control
  • sweeping, mopping and vacuuming floors
  • kitchen and bathroom cleaning and disinfecting
  • garbage and recycling disposal.

These are cleaning services provided regularly by a janitorial cleaning company, from once per week to several times per week.

Cleaning your office on a regular basis should be a normal thing and a priority in your business. It maintains a good level of cleanliness and provides you a healthy environment, for you to focus only on business productivity.  

Office deep cleaning services

If you’re wondering if the regular office cleaning is enough for you to work in a clean environment, the answer is not really. Once in a while your office has to be deep cleaned, in order to get rid of all the germs and allergens that hide in the most unknown or inaccessible places.  

Besides the regular cleaning of your office, by hiring a professional janitorial cleaning company in Waterloo, you’ll also benefit from its office deep cleaning services like:  

  • Interior Window Cleaning
  • Cleaning & Restroom Inventory Management
  • Hard Floor Maintenance
  • Fabric, Blinds & Furniture Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning

When thinking about hiring a janitorial cleaning company for your office, you should really pay attention to the products they use for cleaning. Make sure you choose a Green cleaning program that implies the use of eco-friendly cleaning products and regulated dispensing systems, in order to reduce the chemical impact on the environmental ecology.


Another thing you should consider when choosing a janitorial cleaning company, is the flexibility of their program. Choose a janitorial company that provides office deep cleaning services in different forms and programs, for you to easily take the option that suits your business.

Here are a few customized cleaning program types:

  • Off-Term Deep Cleaning Services
  • Customized Cleaning Program - Days | Nights | Weekends
  • After Hours Cleaning

So no matter what cleaning program you will choose to deep clean your office, the right janitorial cleaning company will provide you quality cleaning services, without you having to worry about interrupting your work activity.


If you were wondering about the frequency of the office deep cleaning, some people choose to deep clean their office monthly, while others are doing it once every six months.  

So even if you have to clean an IT office building, an educational, governmental, healthcare or commercial one, you need to be aware that each of these offices have to be treated and cleaned thoroughly, for your employees’ health, for your comfort and for your business’ productivity.

Now that you’ve learned more about office deep cleaning services, maybe you’re also interested in how to keep your desk office clean. Here are some tips that can come really handy in your daily office life!