Keep your workspace clean - Part 2


In the first part of how to keep your workspace clean, we gave you a series of professional tips about how to clean your keyboard. It is now time for you to find out how to keep your office desk clean, by showing you how to clean some other daily office items.

Objects like a mouse, a mouse pad, an ID badge, headphones or a phone tend to be ignored when you decide to clean your workspace. As we already said in the previous article, various studies have revealed that these office items are covered in germs and dust, so you should pay attention to your health and avoid the appearance of allergies, by cleaning them regularly and properly.

How to clean a mouse

You may not know it, but when it comes to cleaning your computer, the computer mouse tends to be the most neglected item. We’re spending so many hours in a day using this office item, but we rarely remember to clean it. That is why, the computer mouse is one of the dirtiest items we use on a daily basis, a real magnet for germs and bacteria. Several studies have shown that it’s even dirtier than a public restroom.

If you’re not reading it on your phone or tablet, that also have to be cleaned carefully, you’re probably touching your mouse right now, in order to scroll down this article. So here are a few tips for you to learn how to clean your mouse properly:

Items needed

  • Paper towel
  • Toothpick
  • Canned air
  • Alcohol wipes

Required steps

  • Unplug your mouse from your computer (Remove the cable from your computer or if you’re using a wireless mouse, just turn it off and remove the batteries.)
  • Place paper towels on your desk to catch dirt and debris
  • Use a toothpick to carefully clean all the tiny nooks, but avoid using it on the sensor.  
  • Start spraying (Use a canned air to blow out any remaining debris and a microfiber cloth to remove the grime and dust, in order to deep clean your mouse. Make sure you’re using the can right-side up so it blows air, not liquid.)
  • Use a microfiber cloth or disinfecting wipes
  • Swab the surface of the mouse with disinfecting wipes or a microfiber cloth with alcohol, but avoid using them in the batteries compartment.
  • Make sure your mouse is dry before plugging it back in or turning it on.

How to clean a mouse pad

While getting to clean your mouse, you might also consider to clean your mouse pad, because this item is usually ignored when doing an office desk cleaning. This object absorbs dust, germs and even oil and dirt from your hands, so you should definitely clean up your mouse pad on a regular basis. A dirty mouse pad is not only a source of germs and bacteria that can cause you medical affections, but also hinders your mouse’ performance.

  • Fast cleaning

A quick and efficient cleaning method is to clean your mouse pad with anti-bacterial wipes, especially on plastic or rubber mouse pads. If you don’t have any of these, you can replace them with a damp cloth or sponge, in order to remove the stains and dust from its surface. Make sure you wipe it on both sides and let it dry until you use it again.  

  • Deep cleaning

If you want to deep clean your mouse pad made of cloth or fabric, you can choose a more efficient way, by washing it in the sink or in the washing machine. If you want to fight with the most stubborn stains, you can even pour stain remover on them and gently rub the dirty surface before placing the mouse pad in the washing machine. Wash the mouse pad with warm water, instead of hot water, and let it dry on its own. Do not place it in the dryer, because the heat can ruin the material.

Now that you learned how to keep your office desk clean, by cleaning your keyboard, your mouse and your mouse pad, maybe you’re also interested to discover how to clean some other office items, like how to clean your ID badge and your headphones like a pro.