How to deep clean an office chair - Part II


After learning how to deep clean your fabric office chair in the previous part of the article, is now time for you to find out how to clean office chairs made of different materials, like leather office chairs or mesh office chairs.  

How to clean a leather office chair

Leather chairs can get really dirty with regular use and they need a special treatment. They are comfortable and professional, but if you use a leather office chair, you should know that besides cleaning it, you must condition it once every few months in order to prevent it from drying out. The natural leather has a porous surface that absorbs and holds moisture. Over time, moisture will evaporate and if left unaddressed, the leather will peel or even crack open.

So here’s how to deep clean and maintain your leather office chair:

Vacuum your leather office chair

If you’re wondering what is the best way to clean your leather office chair, you should know that vacuuming your leather office chair frequently is a great way to remove dirt and debris. Make sure that you use a soft bristle attachment and a low power suction to prevent damaging the leather. You can also wipe your leather office chair with a clean cloth once per week.

Wipe your leather office chair

If you want to deep clean your leather office chair, you can wipe down its surface with a lint-free cloth and soapy water (a few drops of mild soap in a quart of water). After you used the soapy cloth, use a clean damp rag to wipe away any residue left behind and let the chair dry.  

Protect your leather office chair

After deep cleaning your leather office chair, use leather furniture protectors and conditioners to protect the material and extend its life. Apply a conditionner like mink oil and saddle soap, in order to hydrate and protect your leather office chair. Do not over-condition the leather, because it will cause too much moisture.

Also, if you want to take care of your leather office chair, don’t place it directly in front of a heater or air vent and maintain a relative humidity in your office (40%- 55%)

How to clean a mesh office chair

Mesh office chairs are ergonomic, aesthetic and comfortable, but cleaning them can be quite challenging. Their material allow a greater degree of airflow, so you won’t get to sweat too much compared to upholstery and leather chairs. But still, they can become pretty dirty in time, so you’ll need to clean your mesh office chair regularly in order to remove dust and germs, to maintain its aspect and extend its life.

Curious to find out what is the best way to clean a mesh office chair? Here are the steps you need to follow to maintain your mesh office chair clean:

Vacuum your mesh office chair

As you probably saw for the other office chair materials, vacuuming plays a very important role in cleaning your mesh office chair. So having a small vacuum around the office will come quite handy when you’ll want to remove the dust and debris from your office chair, no matter its material.

Wipe it with soap and a cleaning rag

Dampen a rag in soapy water and start cleaning your mesh office chair by scrubbing it a bit harder than the other chair materials, because this one is more durable. You can use cotton swabs to remove dirt from the little crevices. Clean your mesh office chair from top to bottom, in case any water or debris drip down, then wipe the chair with a dry cloth and leave it to air dry.  

As a conclusion, no matter the type of its material, you should clean your office chair regularly. For a healthy work environment, don’t forget to also clean your other office objects used daily and choose a professional janitorial cleaning company to take care of your office.