How to clean your office desk properly?


If you asked yourself how to efficiently clean your office desk, you should start by paying attention to each thing used daily in your office life. Or else said, have you ever wondered how many germs are hidden in your keyboard, on your mouse or under your mousepad?

A research has shown that the devices we use daily in our office life carry a lot of dust and germs. For example, did you know that your computer or laptop keyboard is 20,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat? Gross, right? You wouldn’t even have thought about it. And the keyboard isn’t even the only daily item used that tends to be neglected when you get to clean your office desk. Just ask yourself, when was the last time you cleaned your mouse, your mousepad or your badge?  

So if you’re wondering what is the most effective way to clean your office desk, here are a few steps you need to follow:

1. Reduce desk clutter

2. Keep your desk tidy

3. Clean your devices

1. Reduce desk clutter

Even if you may not realize it, your office desk says a lot about you, your way of thinking and working. You get to spend most of your day at your desk, so it is a very personal place, an extension of your personality. Some findings say that people with messy desks tend to be more extroverted and creative. But then again, they can just be very busy and not having time to clean their office desk.

Making time to clean your office desk should be a priority, given that you spend on average 5 hours and 41 minutes per day sitting at your desk. Just make sure you don’t keep unnecessary things on your desk and try to avoid things that attract or absorb dust.

Throw away trash and place recyclable items in suitable containers. By getting rid of the extra things, you’ll get to be more organized, feel less suffocated and stay focused for a longer time.  

2. Keep your desk tidy

Now that you went minimal and cleared your office desk, it’s time to get rid of all the harmful dust, germs and bacteria. Even if a janitorial cleaning company is taking care of cleaning your office, you should also wipe your office desk on a daily basis or several times a week.

So wipe down your desk with a damp cloth, in order to catch the dust, then spray a disinfectant or a cleaner on the desk and wipe it clean. Make sure the disinfectant you use is not a toxic one. You can also use disinfectant wipes to clean your office desk.    

3. Clean your devices

If you’re working for an IT office for example, you get to use a lot of devices on a daily basis. From laptops, computers, mouses, headphones and mobile phones, each device is used for many hours in order to help you get your tasks done. If they’re not cleaned properly, these devices can put your health at risk, because they act like a „magnet” for dust, germs and bacteria, that can lead to allergies or other medical affections.

So each time you clean your office desk, remember that it is very important to also clean all these devices.

Working in a clean environment helps you stay healthy and focused while doing your tasks. Besides the professional cleaning made by a janitorial cleaning company, you should also take care of your office desk and clean it regularly.

After figuring out how to keep your desk clean and organized, maybe you’re also interested in how to clean your office devices.